Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Friday, April 19, 1963

I wrote some cards – one big one to Mal, one big one to Loretta, one small one to Grace, Ella, Frieda, LaVergne, Eli, Mamie – send the rest from San Francisco or elsewhere – it’s very cold and windy again.

We went into the Bright Angel – had to walk over. Had a light breakfast then bus came for tour around the Canyon. It was a very lovely ride. We saw it from all angles – got out at spots to view it – but it was so cold and windy – it was snowing a little too.

Then back to Bright Angel for lunch – I enjoyed my lunch – tried not to eat so much – Ralph ate almost nothing – his cold has home so upset – we left then and got aboard the bus again for the rest of the tour. This one was for 4 hours – and we went the other way – saw plenty but it was so cold snowy and windy that I did not get out for a few stops – neither did Ralph. We’ve about had it.

The driver was very pleasant and most interesting. We had checked out of the room – the time was up at 2:00 pm and we went in to find something light to eat – but that was a waste of time – finally talked the waitress into bringing toast and a cup of tea for me – cottage cheese, toast and coffee for Ralph – there is no snack bar here and the cost of the knick knacks is terrific. They would sell more if they charged less.

We finally finished after Ralph went to the desk and argued about the over charge for our drink – then we walked back to El Tovar hotel and sat in the lobby waiting for the bus to take us to Dillard Junction to get train. At 7:30 it came with the same character driving and when all got aboard and got going he started them all off to sing which made it most pleasant for there were quite a few good voices – it helped to shorten the trip.

We are now in the railroad station at the junction and by now it’s crowded – and our train will be as of now 2 hours late. There are people of the Indian race to be seen here. We hope the train really won’t be that late for us – we are both so tired and not feeling very good either. There is a snack bar here. So at 11:00 pm Ralph had a snack then I went over and had one while we waited. At 11:05 the East bound train came through and many left – then at 11:15 pm the Los Angeles train came – most left – the folks from Britain got on there – finally at 11:30 pm the Chief came through and we had a long walk up front to get aboard.

With every one asleep and all lights out. Our seat was being used so we had a flash light and in finding the seat woke up the occupant whose seat was in back but had her mother using it. The people in seat front came on with us and they had three children so things really turned up but they were very good and all quieted down soon. We both took Anacin and I slept very good – Ralph’s cold is giving him some trouble – weather very cold here.

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