Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Friday, April 26, 1963

Looks like a nice bright day coming up – so was dressed early.

LaVergne took Greg over so she could have the car. Then she and I left for town – did some shopping – got back just in time to see the school bus leave with Gretchen on it. Ralph walked her up there then we came home and had lunch.

Very tired – sat talking – then when Gretchen came, LaVergne and Gretchen and I went out again – looked at some new houses being built – shopped. Got Greg, came back, had dinner.

Suzy called – says Mal is walking around – and that Loretta called too. She cleaned out refrigerator and took out plug – we have eaten and are watching TV.

Took a pill tonite too. LaVergne is laying down – does not feel too good. Wrote some cards and getting ready to go to bed. Tomorrow going into San Francisco to look around and will stay out to eat at the Wharf.

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