Saturday, October 20, 2007

Monday, April 15, 1963

Up early – Ralph had breakfast ready – after Mal left we started right in on the packing – finished – all but dressing did last few details by 12 – so sat down to think then had dinner around 2pm. Mal called to say he could not get away – so we had to driver over – left the house at 4pm. Stopped at Lucy’s to tell her she could use the sewing machine if she wanted to – had called Jean and also spoke to Joan – she is there too – bought tickets at 5:20. Mal came to get keys – he stayed till we left on 5:30 bus to Binghamton but we had to get off at Roscoe to change to the Chenango bus line thru to Hancock where we had to change again. Finally got to Binghamton by 9pm. Wandered around after checking bags – found a restaurant and it was mostly bar but ate something even though it was all cold – and it was cold outside too – so we hustled back to the bus station and sat there till 12:45. We got on the train which was jammed with kids going back to school and on tour – but it was a pleasant ride.

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