Saturday, October 27, 2007

Monday, April 22, 1963

One whole week gone – it does go so quick. It is cloudy and rainy again but bright and a little warmer I think too.

Got up and decided it was too early so layed down again. Ralph’s cough is terrible – maybe he should go to the Doctor.

Finally got up around 7:30 am by the time I went out Greg and Geoff were both gone.

Have had breakfast now with LaVergne and Gretchen and Ralph and are sitting around talking. Expect to walk up the hill to the bus with Gretchen and LaVergne.

It was a lovely walk up to the top of the hill where the bus comes for her to go to kindergarten. She looks so cute and is a sweet little girl. We could see out across the bay at San Francisco – it was quite clear.

Then LaVergne and I walked back and looked at the flowers she is planting around the house. Came in and had lunch. Ralph ate fairly well – then he exits to the playroom and lays down awhile. Rest will help and he is taking the cough medicine but I wish he would agree to go see a Doctor.

After we had finished lunch it was then time for Geoff to come home. And shortly thereafter we walked back up the hill to get Gretchen. They played awhile then I tried playing games with Gretchen – it’s a change for her to have someone new to play games with. Geoff has grown up enough to get away from it though he did play some chess with us. Then Greg was in and dinner was ready. We ate after having a drink and all sat talking.

We did go to bed early – we are still so tired.

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