Thursday, October 25, 2007

Saturday, April 20, 1963

Awoke at daylight – it has been raining. I really slept – did not hear very many stops that we made. So washed and went into diner at 6:30 – they were open. Had eggs and grapefruit for a change. My stomach is still off – back now after spending awhile in the dome car after breakfast.

By slow degrees the train is making up a little time – dozing off and now we’re thinking of going in for some lunch. It will be so late when we get in. Did get lunch – soup, cheese, crackers, tea. Ralph had baked beans, coffee – then we went back to the seat. Not too far now to go – it has been raining mostly all night at different spots along the way. The train has made up some time – it is now 1 hour 35 minutes late.

Finally got in at 2:45 – it is pouring and cold. Greg & LaVergne and children came along right away – they had been calling about trains. I’m glad they did not have to sit there and wait – we were happy to see them and we rode back past the bay and saw a lot.

Went to house which is beautiful and it makes us so happy. The have worked so hard for this – we are having a lovely restful time. We had some drinks and talked. LaVergne got dinner – we are enjoying the children so much although Dad’s cold is giving him trouble – we sat around.

I went in and took bath and undressed – came out again for tea then we all went to bed. It was late – we do have to get up early for church.

Photo: galley kitchen of the Santa Fe Super Chief, c. 1940s.

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