Friday, October 26, 2007

Sunday, April 21, 1963

Cloudy – raining, but not as cold so up early – Ralph slept all night so did I and feel rested.

Though Ralph’s cold seems worse – we all went out at once – dropped Greg and LaVergne and children off at their church and then we drove to St. Simon’s and were lucky to be right on time for 10:00 mass.

It is a large parish and was crowded. After church I bought some cookies and donuts from their bake sale then Ralph and I rode around till it was time to go for the family.

Showed Ralph their other house – back then to a lunch – we all ate eggs and bacon. I felt hungry too then we sat talking and I played games with the children. Then Ralph and Greg both went to bed for awhile.

LaVergne and I talked. She cooked dinner around 6:00 pm. Ralph and Greg got up and we ate. A delicious dinner – LaVergne is a good cook. We finished up and after clearing table and putting dishes in dishwasher we sat talking again. But we did not stay up too late – I am so tired!

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