Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thursday, April 18, 1963

Slept as well as can be expected – and that’s on and off – Ralph did not do too good – so before dawn went into the dome car to watch the sunrise and it was a gorgeous sight. All purple and pink halo’s around and behind it as it rose – am now dressed and so is Ralph and we are waiting for the diner to open. Went into diner early but missed our regular waiter – sat at far end and it was cold and drafty but we had a good breakfast – hot cereal.

Then went out and tried to fall asleep again – Ralph was not good – the cold he has caught is bothering him a lot – he is taking aspirin – finally time passed and we went in early for lunch so we could be ready to get off at Williams Junction for the train to Grand Canyon.

Our regular waiter was there – we had soup and chili – which chili was a joke. Two boys sat opposite us – they are moving from Niagara Falls to Los Angeles – I hope they like it – they both ate the chili but it wasn’t a good deal for me – finally it was time to get off – the train was a bit late – almost one hour.

We were held up because the tracks were being repaired at Flagstaff – guess the railroad is trying to watch out after Monday’s wreck.

Well the driver and his helper on the bus were real cowboy characters – finally we got going – 1 ½ hours ride about 65 miles to the Canyon but very good roads – mostly scrub – no towns or homes but one village along the way.

Came to El Tovar Hotel in the Canyon where we had a room reserved. Very nice – we got there about 5:00 pm. Walked around looking at the sights and what a beautiful piece of wonder work the canyon is. We were so cold though there is snow here too – as it was at Flagstaff. The bellboy said it snowed all day yesterday – most of the help are Indians.

We went in and had a drink – walked around outside, looking at the canyon – came back and had another drink then went in for dinner. Ralph’s dinner was not so good – mine was fairly good – this is a big place and very busy so you have to be thankful to get a good meal. We sat around the lobby for awhile after dinner – then went to our room where we took a bath and got ready for bed.

Ralph called Mal about 7:00 pm and it was good to hear his voice again – he said he was doing OK. Ralph fell asleep and I waited till after nine to call LaVergne because it costs less – first to tell her what time the train came I – then to bed and I went right to sleep although my stomach is giving me trouble again.

A good bed again – but we both woke up at 2:30 am though we went back to sleep fast enough – we only slept in snatches anyway. Ralph had the clock set for 8 but we were awake by 6:30 so we got up.

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