Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tuesday, April 16, 1963

Up early next morning, Tuesday at 6:00 am. Washed after a fairly restful night – we each had a whole seat to ourselves – so could relax – had a good breakfast – train made good time and went back to lunch at 12 and had a good lunch – were able to get a drink too. Finally arrived in Chicago at 5:45 pm. Checked bags through to Richmond, California except one – and took taxi to Congress Hotel. Have just come back now after finding a spot to eat and walking around. Called Bertha & Evelyn (LaVergne’s cousins). Hal is not too well again. We were just too tired to try to go out to see them – maybe next time. I’ve had a bath and Ralph is now in the tub – a bath helps a lot. So far it’s been OK – so to bed.

Photo: The Congress Hotel, Chicago, Illinois

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