Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tuesday, April 23, 1963

A cloudy day with a few drops of rain on and off but fairly warm.

Up early – Greg & Geoff gone. We ate and sat talking then its time to walk up with Gretchen.

Back and had lunch. Ralph seems a little better – later after Geoff and Gretchen were home

Ralph had fallen asleep and I lay down for LaVergne and Greg are going to a debate and asked me to go along. I think I will.

We were eating and Suzy called to say that Mal had had to have an operation for appendicitis – that upset us all. I could not think – what a shock. She said he was doing good – later Greg and LaVergne left for their meeting and I stayed here.

We called the Doctor in Monticello – he said Mal was OK and would tell him we called. Later after 9:00 PM here we called Loretta. She was waiting for Mal’s call.

So was surprised to hear from us instead. She said that Uncle Will was not so good. She had just come home today.

We read awhile although my mind is so upset I cannot think and this sets off my stomach and bowel upsets again too. So every thing goes wrong – I was up when LaVergne came in at 11:00 PM. Then to bed – fell asleep after awhile. Beds are very good.

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