Monday, October 22, 2007

Wednesday, April 17, 1963

Awake around 2:00 am – but we both went to sleep again and woke around 6:00 am. It rained – a thunderstorm – so got up and got dressed. The phone rang – a call we left to wake up – so we dressed and walked over to Dearborn station. Ate breakfast there – very good – then sat around waiting for our Santa Fe at 9:00 am. Got aboard – it is not too crowded – a pleasant bunch – and we’re off. Went into dinner at 12:30 and it was too late to get a drink – we had just come into Iowa and it’s a Dry State – so had a good lunch. So between the dome card and listening to our radio the time passed quickly. We had a very [CANNOT READ WRITING] thoughts but after taking a drink again from our pint we went to diner late. We’re in Kansas and all you can get to drink is beer – and not even that between 5 and 11 so we had our own drink. Sat in the dome car awhile and was room in our seat to go to sleep – we hope.

[Editor's Note: I just laugh at this entry because it was so "Grandma" especially when it came to liquor. She never overimbibed but Grandma sure knew how to enjoy a cocktail!]

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