Monday, October 29, 2007

Wednesday, April 24, 1963

A lovely bright day on one side and cloudy on the other – we are eating breakfast. It is very cool.

Walked up the hill with Gretchen – Ralph came too. It is very very windy. Though the sun feels warm.

Have had lunch and sitting talking. Will now try to write some cards. Geoff is home – he goes up for Gretchen. Wrote cars so they can be posted by Greg.

Had trouble with bowels – so very loose – had to rush on the medicine early to see if it will help – waiting is the word. Did a very loose large movement early this a.m. – nervousness too after hearing from Sue about Mal.

Had dinner – could not eat much. Sue called again – Mal doing OK. She went to the house for the mail and to look things over. I get so upset I can’t eat. And Ralph is cold so not too much improved. In fact not at all but he won’t go to the Doctor. To bed but not much sleep – just fitfully. I wish I knew what ails me.

[Editor's note: I remember growing up that older relatives were always concerned with their BMs and our BMs of course. I remember my mother talking about being given castor oil as a kid. There seemed to be a great focus on making sure you had a bowel movement every day, and a good one at that. Maybe we just don't discuss it that way anymore or we know that health revolves around more than just making a good BM.]

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