Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Friday, May 10, 1963

Awoke to rain tho I lay awake half the nite thinking what's to face and have I the courage. Well I'll have to have to keep going.

Ralph up early to take Greg to work and get the car for LaVergne to go shopping. I stayed in bed till he got out of bed. I'm so tired but I can't give in. I only wish we could take a chance on going to Hawaii but it's so far to go. Only hope I have the strength to go by train. Will.

LaVergne and I went shopping and Ralph gave Gretchen her lunch and took her up to the bus. It is raining very hard and in between the sun comes out.

We came back and all had lunch. Ralph went in and lay down to rest - fell asleep. I sat reading. All my life I would have been better off if I could lay down and rested.

Later I went with Ralph and Gretchen to get Greg. We have eaten and watched TV with children and LaVergne. Then Greg and LaVergne tried studying and playing bridge. I sat watching. Finally, got into it for 2 hands. All are now ready for bed after having my tea. Ralph is still up reading.

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