Saturday, November 3, 2007

Monday, April 29, 1963

No pill. Another lovely day – not a cloud in the sky – I was glad to see the daylight for I had been laying there since 3:00 am. Took an Anacin but could not sleep – we both got up at 6:30 am.

Ralph made the coffee – and agreed to go to the doctor. We rode with Greg, took car, stopped for a cup of coffee – then tried to find a Doctor. Tried three before we finally got one who would consent to see us. He gave Ralph some antibiotic pills and cough medicine to take.

Am back home now and had lunch – canned soup which Ralph likes or says he does. Will try to write some cards.

Finished cards. Later went with Ralph to pick Greg up. Mailed cards at Los Altos – picked up cough medicine – went shopping a little in supermarket. To cleaners – back home – Ralph found his way OK.

Had dinner. LaVergne has headache so she went to bed early. Ralph, Greg & I sat reading and talking.

Took a bath then came out for tea around 10:00. We went to bed (Jean called) – tied up so – no pill.

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