Sunday, November 18, 2007

Monday, May 13, 1963

Weather looks good. Up early after a half-awake night. Always when I know I must get up this happens. So with Ralph we left with Greg. Got the train in Mountain View for San Francisco. Arrived there primarly to make our reservations to go home on the Western Pacific California Zephyr train. We did go to look into a trip to Yosemite but Ralph wants to get home. Says he has had enough. So we made our reservations for Thursday and will go in with Greg. This will be easier.

We shopped and walked around - ate a lunch in the Railway Station at a nice place. Then back on the 3 o'clock train. Greg came at 4:45 pm. So back to the house and LaVergne, who is a fine cook, had dinner ready.

We have had such a lovely visit and will miss all of these nice folks. We enjoy the children so much. Later after dinner and dishes we played some bridge hands and late to bed.

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