Saturday, November 10, 2007

Monday, May 6, 1963

Up early. Ralph and I went out for a walk – to look the place over and give all a chance to use the bathroom.

Had breakfast at that bowling place – not too good. Even at 8:00 am it is full of bowlers.

Around 9:30 we left to see Los Angeles and saw the feet and hand marks of the stars at the Chinese Theatre then drove through Hollywood along Wilshire Boulevard. Saw Hollywood and Vine, the famous streets. Had lunch in a nice place.

Then after more walking, riding and looking we went through the Mexican section of Los Angeles. Also had been to the farmers’ market. I said nice for lunch it was not so good really at the farmer’s market. Left the Mexican section and we drove back toward Anaheim.

Tried Knotts Berry farm for dinner but all places closed for it was now 7:30 pm. We walked around while then left for restaurant further over in a shopping centre – very good – The Penny Place.

Back to motel and we took a walk – to bed early too.

[crossed out text] very frightened of what to do. Did not get to sleep until dawn. So tired and upset.

[Editor's Note: Toward's the end of this entry, there are two lines of text that are furiously crossed out. I say furiously because the tone of the diary over the next few entries changes radically. I have been trying to wrap my mind around what could have upset Grandma so much. Perhaps it was her stomach/intestinal problems during the trip. As you'll see, she then became obsessed thinking she had something more serious than perhaps stomach problems.]

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