Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Saturday, May 18, 1963

Weather lovely, though a bit colder. The heat was turned on it surely got hot. I did not even have to put a sweater on.

Awake early - went to diner for breakfast early - around 7:00 am. Ralph ate a big breakfast and I had cereal.

We stayed up in the dome awhile then back down to the seats until we get off now. There is a girl with a baby in the next seat. She is worrying about how to make her connection but unfortunately we are unable to explain it to her - she just can't seem to understand. Also, the porter tried to explain too. She will have to take her chances.

Here it is time to get off. We did not want to go in for lunch - we had a big breakfast and I am trying not to eat too much anyway. We got off and got our bags after going to LaSalle Street Station and checking on daylite time for Erie.

We wandered around and called Bertha and Evelyn but did not have time to see them. The train coming in was late and the Erie train leaves at 6. We were ablet to go on at 5:30 and got a good seat. These seats are not reserved . There is a diner on so we went in for dinner at 7:00 pm and had a nice dinner.

We got pillows and we each had a seat to ourselves to sleep. The man from the station was aboard for going to Corry, Pennsylvania. He left at 8:00 am the next morning.

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