Friday, November 2, 2007

Sunday, April 28, 1963

Another lovely day – awake early. Ralph made the coffee all up and ate.

Left here at 9:30 am – on the way Geoff got car sick and LaVergne and Gretchen got out for church. Ralph and I next, then Greg & Geoff came back home to clean Geoff up.

Later after 10:00 am Mass was out, Ralph and I walked to Loyola drug store and back to road to wait for the folks. About 12 noon they came by and must have been looking for us.

Went home and ate breakfast – had eggs. Sat reading, then Ralph, Greg and I went to the winery at Saratoga. Saw it being made and sent some cards – tasted wine. Then bought some and drove back a different route.

It’s quite warm out. Back to house where LaVergne had dinner nearly ready. Ralph’s cold seems worse to me. Read awhile – watched TV, had tea and to bed. Took pill.

[Editor's note: the winery that Grandma visited was probably the Paul Masson winery in Saratoga, California. Today it is known as The Mountain Winery.]

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