Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sunday, May 19, 1963

We went into the diner for breakfast and ate a nice meal. We made good time and got off the train at 1:00 pm. We had a good husky porter who was able to help Ralph with the bags to the taxi.

Then off to the bus station. The lunch counter was open so we went separately so we wouldn't have to lug the bags. My stomach is so upset - I will be glad to get home.

We are finally aboard the bus and the driver had to go a round-about route because there was a fire nearby but we arrived in Roscoe and changed to Shortline for Liberty. 10 minutes late.

Sue and the baby, Tommy, were waiting. The bus driver left the bags on the sidewalk and we stood talking to Sue when just as Mal and Richard came along. Ralph discovered we had a wrong bag. So we went into the office and they called but the bus had already left Monticello. So we had to come home without. We gave the other wrong bag to the office man.

We had tea and cake. Then Richard, Sue and baby left for home with Mal - he said he would be late and he was - dawn almost.

We got a good night's sleep in our own bed again.

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