Friday, November 9, 2007

Sunday, May 5, 1963

A beautiful day – a little on the cool side in the early morning but we all got started after we had gone down.

Ralph and I went out around 7:00 am to go walk on the beach. Then Greg came with the children and they all played around awhile.

Then he drove us to the Santa Barbara Mission Cathedral. Oldest mission here and we went to Mass- a High Mass sung beautifully by the Franciscan novices. We went to communion too. Then we walked around the mission.

Then LaVergne and the children came to meet us and we took the tour around the church. Then we all went for lunch or brunch really at a very good place.

Then we left to drive to Los Angeles and we wound up in a motel, a travel lodge in Anaheim about 3 blocks from Disneyland. We discovered that Disneyland will be closed Monday and Tuesday.

We had dinner in the bowling alley restaurant nearby – watched the bowlers. Then to bed – had a family room with a shared bath.

Took pill – slept badly – stomach so upset again.

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