Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Thursday, May 2, 1963

Left early with Greg for train on Southern Pacific to San Francisco. Got the 7:48 so we were there by 9:00 am. Proceeded to walk to all the places – went to Santa Fe – they sent us to Western Pacific to change tickets – but we have to go back when we know what date we want to leave. Then to Greyhound about trip to Yosemite Park.

Weather good but chilly. Then to stores and bought toys for Geoff and Gretchen. Then to United Airlines about possible trip to Hawaii? Then to department stores – walked around – Ralph waited outside. Then to Woolworth’s where we had some lunch.

Then walked again to Southern Pacific to get train at 3:00 PM. We were glad to sit down and wait for we were early but we did enjoy the day – would like to spend a few more days walking around this town but I know I shall never again get the chance.

Greg met us and then home where LaVergne had dinner ready. Both are such nice hosts and do all they can to make our trip pleasant.

Shortly after dinner when things quieted down – we went to bed – in fact Ralph had already gone when I went. Took pill.

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