Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tuesday, April 30, 1963

Awake early at dawn – Ralph up thru night with heavy coughing spell. He took pill and medicine. I awoke with a runny nose and sneezing – ate a little. Then had to come back later for some cereal. LaVergne went back to lay down – has headache.

I walked Gretchen up to school bus. It’s lovely out but snappy wind is blowing. Ralph made lunch and has fallen asleep in chair. I have sewed my skirt – ironed some things – and sitting around now.

LaVergne is up working on dinner. We have vaguely talked about a trip to Los Angeles – will wait till this evening to see if Sue calls and then know more about it (I hope). Sue did not call.

We elected to call her around 4:00 am which will be 7:00 am there. Ralph and I put dishes in washer – stayed with children while Greg & LaVergne go to a meeting in Burlingame. Sat reading till they came in. I had tea – to bed. Set clock. Took pill.

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