Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tuesday, May 7, 1963

I have my days and notes mixed up because I did not write as I went along but have to remember things now that we're back at Los Altos Hills.

Anyway, we woke very early this morning. We were up and dressed. Did not want to go but also didn't want to upset things, so Greg had to go to Pamona to work for the day.

LaVergne and Gretchen want to go so Ralph and I stayed home and rested. Walked to bowling alley about 9:00 am for breakfast. Walked back and sat on patio - it is a lovely, sunny warm day though a bit windy. Geoff and I walked to look in the hobby shop - bought him a boat to make.

I made an appointment for a hair set nearby. Came back and took a shower. Then Ralph and Geoff stayed at poolside while I went to the hairdresser's.

When I came back at 2:30 pm, Geoff and Greg were in the pool. They came out and Geoff and Ralph and I walked up the road looking for a lunch room and found one. Greg went to Disney Hotel to get LaVergne and Gretchen who were on the bus from Los Angeles tour which we did not want to go on.

We came back and Greg and Gretchen were in the pool. Then Geoff went in again. We sat around and were getting sun burned until 8:00 pm when we all got dressed and we went to coffee place in Anaheim to eat. Very nice but all big dinners again so I took soup and crab flakes salad - a mistake - too much for me. Came back to motel - Ralph and I walked. Went to bed.

We called Loretta - she is going to Alice's on Friday for a week. Then went to bed. In bed about 1 hour when I had terrible cramps and terrible loose movement after being tightened up all week by pills. So scared and did not sleep at all that night. Ralph upset over it too much. I did mean to do this.

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