Monday, November 12, 2007

Wednesday, May 8, 1963

A nice day - so awake early and packed all the clothes. Paid the bill and then off to Disneyland.

We packed the car and rode the monorail into the park. (I am so upset I wish I were home though I am trying to enjoy myself). I think that crab meat made me sicker than usual and I can't stand eating out. I'm too sick.

Anyway, we went on a few rides with all and they were good. Greg and LaVerge and children went on all they could. We were seated to watch an old time show but I got so upset I had to go out and could not get in again to see the show. So upset it again for Ralph - this has been a mean trip.

Then we tried a place for lunch. Not much - finally it was time to leave and we got into the car. Drove along the road almost to Bakersfield before we ate. Not very good for me - too much again.

Then we went to Highland Milner Motel. Very lovely and all new. We had a separate room and that helped. Slept fairly good. Ralph was full of pep - he finally too a sleeping pill. I'm afraid to mix things up.

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