Thursday, December 6, 2007

Saturday, May 25, 1963

Did not have to go out. Awakened early around 7:30 pm by Mal's car stopping. He came in and had Sandra with him.

I dressed and came down. Ralph went back to sleep he was so tired.

I made coffee - we talked. He went up and packed some some clothes. He has a room in Monticello. I can't blame him - it is tough to come all the way home so late. I hope he does not overdo it and wreck his health.

He and girlfriend left. I had some breakfast, ironed, washed my hair, put it up. Had lunch and finished my ironing.

We sat around. Ralph called the florist to send flowers. I am sorry Bertha died before we got a chance to visit her after our trip. We were good friends for many years. We will go tomorrow - she is at her home.

Made chicken soup - later Vernon came by and brought the lawn mower for Ralph to use. Are now watching the movie "The Egyptian" - will go into hospital Monday. Called Suzy.

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